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Club Classique

za. 16 juli 2022 20:00 - 20:45, Het Veld

Classical Jukebox

At your request Club Classique will perform and top divas Karin Strobos and Judith van Wanroij will sing. Those of you who have been to Wonderfeel before know that our friends in Club Classique won’t shy away from some theatre, and they are masters at easy classics. Their performance tonight will be taylored for you and by you: in this live jukebox you can choose from an endless list of the most beautiful arias and duets. Just ask…


Karin Strobos – mezzo soprano
Judith van Wanroij – soprano
Caspar Vos – piano
Myrthe Helder – violin
Leonard Besseling – cello
Club Classique

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