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Herz Ensemble – Kate Moore

vr. 15 juli 2022 19:00 - 19:45, Het Weiland

It must be every composer’s dream: having a top ensemble at your disposal to play your newly composed music. The Australian-Dutch composer Kate Moore founded the Herz Ensemble in 2017, named after the Herz Cycle. It’s an eclectic collective of top musicians with an unsatiable appetite for that raw energy that new music has. The result isn’t just a unique collaboration – including fellow composers like Amba Klapwijk – but also the time and space to create an individual sound together.


Herz Ensemble
Jellantsje de Vries - violin
Elisabeth Smalt - viola
Lidy Blijdorp - cello 
Annette Schenk - bass clarinet 
Tom Sanderman - saxophone 
Sjors van de Mark - bass guitar
Vitaly Medvedev - percussion
Laura Sandee - piano
Geerten van de Wetering - hammond organ
Lies Beijerinck - didgeridoo
Kaspar Kröner - countertenor 
Herz Ensemble – Kate Moore

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