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Become a Friend of Wonderfeel


Organizing a festival requires a lot of love, passion, vision, perseverance, and financial resources. A team of office workers, creatives, programmers, producers, and volunteers spends almost a year creating this festival that is so uniquely focused on nature and classical music. Over the past editions, the festival has demonstrated its power and potential.4

If you’d like to contribute by becoming a Friend of Wonderfeel, you can read how it works below.

Becoming a Friend of Wonderfeel

By filling out the form below, you authorize us to annually deduct the chosen amount (at least €50, although more is definitely welcome, if you can afford it) from your account, until cancellation. Because Wonderfeel is a PBO, you can deduct your gift at a rate of 100% from your income tax (click here for more information).

By becoming a Friend of Wonderfeel you can order tickets prior to the regular ticket sales.

Become a Friend

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As a Friend, you make Wonderfeel come true

Our festival is made possible by visitors who turn into our Friends and make an annual contribution. This support helps us tie the ends together, but the Friendship also motivates us to make sure that every edition is at least as exciting and surprising as the last. Being a Friend of Wonderfeel is more than a connection, but also has its benefits:

  • As a Friend, you have early access to tickets.
  • Before the start of the festival you will receive the program booklet and timetable by mail;
  • Friends receive 10% discount on merchandise at the festival;
  • Friends are named and thanked during the festival on a large sign (unless you prefer not to be).
  • During the festival, there is a daily moment where you can get a drink with the other Wonderfeel Friends!