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Nathalia & Maria Milstein

zo. 17 juli 2022 11:00 - 11:45, Het Veld

‘It’s as if they’re grown from the same body’, is how the Volkskrant prized the Milstein sisters’ playing. Two CDs, successful chamber music careers, countless prizes, and today they share the stage at Wonderfeel. They’re sharing the spotlights with three composers who started out as prodigies. Clara Schumann, an influential all round musician in her time, and the promising composer Lili Boulanger, who died too young, will receive the appreciation that they deserve (and don’t receive nearlyi enough of!). The duo will introduce the rest of your Sunday with Richard Strauss.

Maria Milstein – violin
Nathalia Milstein – piano 
Clara Schumann – Three Romances op.22
Lili Boulanger – Nocturne en Cortège
Richard Strauss – Violin sonata op.18
Nathalia & Maria Milstein

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