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Kids Wonderfeel!

Kids Wonderfeel

Kids have tons of fun stuff to do during Wonderfeel! During the mornings and afternoons on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is a continuous program for kids with performances, arts and crafts, workshops, baking bread, you name it! Check the block schedule for exact times and locations.

And: children aged 18 and under can visit the festival for free! They do need a ticket, which you can order via the ticketshop.


Kids Program

Dear Audience (6+)

The audience – that means you! – comes and sits comfortably on a bench near the tent, ready for the performance. But … nothing happens? Only a mysterious letter hangs above the stage, beginning with “Dear Audience.

In this cheerful family workshop, the entire audience is given a clear assignment: you have 30 minutes to create a performance, and time starts now! Who will write the story? Who plays in the orchestra? Who are the directors? Who make the costumes? After half an hour we will play the public try-out and the festive world premiere of the brand new performance.

Tip: Would you like to play along on your own instrument and can you easily and safely bring your instrument? Very nice! There are also a few instruments available for you.

By: Anne Maartje Lemereis


Be Opera (6+)

What makes opera so special and what happens when musicians sing and play their instruments? Be Opera is a musical experience for the whole family. Imperceptibly, the music of various composers creeps into your ears, never to leave there. Storyteller Ton Meijer drags you along for the third time at Wonderfeel, after his gripping shows Be Bach and Be Mozart. Come discover the diva in yourself!

Eric Robillard (direction), Ton Meijer (narrator), Marije van Stralen (soprano), Christina Edelen (organ)


Puppet Show
‘Puppetry is slapstick,’ says Egon Adel, performer of the Puppet Theatre on Dam Square. Especially for Wonderfeel, he created a performance in the tradition of this centuries-old folk theater, in which Punch and Judy and the inevitable villain steal the show as always.

Roasting buns
Did you get hungry from all that playing? Come over to the camp fire and roast your own bun. Put it on a stick and turn, turn, turn it over on the fire! Make sure you don’t burn it and eat it straight away, because they taste the best when they’re warm.

Globe Instruments Garden
Have you always wanted to play a violin? Or an oboe, clarinet, trumpet, or even the cello? At Wonderfeel’s Instruments Garden you can try all kinds of instruments!

The Instruments Garden is organized in collaboration with music school Globe.


Do it yourself
If there’s anything Jorinde Verweij loves, it’s turning old things into beautiful new things. In this workshop she will teach you how to create a musical instrument out of recycled material.

Or you can help build a collective Wonderfeel art object under the guidance of Jacob Plooij. Everyone is welcome, from young to old. Come and join us to carpenter, saw, glue, stack and push. Nobody knows exactly what it will be, but it will undoubtedly be big and beautiful.

Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Natuurmonumenten activities

Finding water critters
Search for hidden water critters in the pond. Borrow a scoop net to see what lives in the water. There are more little critters living in a natural area than you think.



Forester’s Quiz
What do we often find in the molehills on country estates? Which animals can also fly backwards? And who lives in the ice cellar? During the Forester Quiz you can test your knowledge of nature and learn all about the nature and history of the country estates.

Walk with the forest ranger
Discover all the special places on Schaep en Burgh with our forester, including the ice cellar. What special animals will you encounter? And how did these estates originate? You will find out during this inspiring tour of discovery.

For start times and registration for the activities (max. 20 people), come to the Natuurmonumenten information stand on Het Veld.