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Kids Wonderfeel!

Kids Wonderfeel

Kids have tons of fun stuff to do during Wonderfeel! During the mornings and afternoons on Saturday and Sunday there is a continuous program for kids with performances, arts and crafts, hunting for waterbugs, workshops, baking bread, you name it!

And: children aged 18 and under can visit the festival for free! They do need a ticket, which you can order via the webshop.

Kids Program


Four! –  Children’s show 4+

What does ‘together’ sound like? When the four musicians of the Oorkaan Ensemble bundle their powers, they make something very special happen, something which only happens once every hundred and four years! Together they celebrate something special. They combine different cultures and musical traditions. They don’t say any more beyond the stories told by the music. Welcome to Four! A journey full of Turkish sounds, Mozart, and more. And it ends with a bang!

Michela Zanoni – harp  
Michele Mazzini – clarinet 
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe – bayan 
Veysel Dzhesur – percussion Caecilia Thunnissen and Yorick Stam – directors

Just Press Play

But What About – children’s show 4+
Just Press Play is a captivating children’s show in the form of an interactive musical playground. While the ensemble But What About plays live music, you’ll find out that playing around with different objects will give a musical response…so everyone gets to be the composer and conductor!

For children 4 years old and up, and for adults


Children’s show  4+
From a seed to a bud, all the way to a mighty tree. Trees have extremely interesting lives! They are the home of birds and insects, they have to stand strong during storms, and they deal with illness and logging. And did you know trees can communicate, underground? The interactive dance show Tree! shows you the fascinating world of trees, in an exploration of dance, acrobatics and live music.
Andreas Denk – choreography Tijmen Teunissen, Claire Hermans, Ischa Statie, Fleur Roks, Sophie Prins, Tieka Masfar and Oliver Wagstaff  – dance Yung-Tuan Ku, Mei Yi Lee – music Ton Offerman – director


Puppet show

‘Puppet shows are slapstick,’ says Egon Adel, the puppeteer of Puppet Show on the Dam. Specially for Wonderfeel, he created a traditional show in this centuries-old genre of folk theatre, in which the lazy Jan Klaassen, the ever-complaining Katrijn and the mandatory bad guy steal the show as ever.

Do it yourself

Globe Instruments Garden

Have you always wanted to play a violin? Or an oboe, clarinet, trumpet, or even the cello? At Wonderfeel’s Instruments Garden you can try all kinds of instruments!

The Instruments Garden is organized in collaboration with music school Globe.

Finding water critters

Ponds may seem very quiet, but actually there are all kinds of special critters living in them. Take a net and go on an exploration to find them and to look at them up close!

Roasting buns

Did you get hungry from all that playing? Come over to the camp fire and roast your own bun. Put it on a stick and turn, turn, turn it over on the fire! Make sure you don’t burn it and eat it straight away, because they taste the best when they’re warm.

Do it yourself

If there’s anything Jorinde Verweij loves, it’s turning old things into beautiful new things. In this workshop she will teach you how to create a musical instrument out of recycled material.

Children under 6 years old accompanied by an adult.

Graphic Workshop

At the Graphic Workshop you can design your own musical composition on paper. The moving workshop is designed like a press workshop. Together with Kunstmakkers, you can use a proofing press, a typewriter and a pasta maker to create a musical piece with Lego, things you find in nature, and antique wooden letters.

Muzic with Freek: percussion workshop – all ages

Come make music! Freek Koopmans has a whole selection of percussion instruments that he will bring to Wonderfeel on Sunday. At the Under the Tree stage you will work with rhythmic and melodic instruments and at the end of the workshop you can show the results to your (grand)parents with all the other children!