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The Orpheus of Amsterdam – Camerata Trajectina

Sun. 18 July 2021 12:30 - 13:30, Het Veld

Let’s go big, because 2021 marks exactly 400 years since Sweelinck died. And who better to entrust with bringing a celebratory ode to the biggest composer of Dutch history than Camerata Trajectina, the specialists for whom the 17th century knows no secrets? They enter in a setting of five singers and five instrumentalists, including the masterful improvisor Patrick Ayrton on harpsichord. The rich musical life of the Orpheus of Amsterdam in one captivating concert!

Camerata Trajectina
Hieke Meppelink, soprano
Wendy Robool, soprano
Sytse Buwalda, alto
Nico van der Meel, tenor
Berend Eijkhout, bass
Saskia Coolen, recorder & viola da gamba
Constance Allanic, viola da gamba & harp
Cassandra Luckhardt, viola da gamba
Arjen Verhage, lute & citar
Patrick Ayrton, harpsichord and organ

The Orpheus of Amsterdam
Sweelinck: chansons, madrigals, keyboard works, psalms
Nikola Meeuwsen – Chopin & Schumann

The Orpheus of Amsterdam – Camerata Trajectina

Photo ©Jacqueline Imminkhuizen

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