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Busch Trio – Schubert

Sun. 18 July 2021 10:00 - 11:00, Het Veld

“For nobody, except one who finds it nice.” This was Schubert’s assignment for his epic Trio Opus 100. But “nice” is a bit on the frivolous side. Even more so since he described the Andante con Moto as “a sign that turns into a cry of desperation”. The fantastic Busch Trio, formed by Mathieu van Bellen and the two Epstein brothers, has made this dramatic trio into their key repertoire. What did it take? “Live like monks in a monastery.” But the result is amazing.

Busch Trio
Omri Epstein, piano
Mathieu van Bellen, violin
Ori Epstein, cello

Schubert: Trio Opus 100

Busch Trio – Schubert

Photo ©Kaupo Kikkas

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