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Ferschtman & Mikdad – Kreutzer Sonata

Sun. 18 July 2021 17:30 - 18:30, Het Veld

Though the name may suggest otherwise, the famous violinist Kreutzer has absolutely nothing to do with Beethoven’s sonata named after him. The Kreutzer Sonata was written for Bridgetower, also known as the Paganini of his age and a so-called mulatto. “Per uno mulattico lunatico” was written above the notoriously difficult score. But when they fell out, Ludwig instead gave the piece to Kreutzer, who found it to be unplayable. We have finally managed to get Liza Ferschtman to our festival, as well as Aidan Mikdad – the shining prodigy of our very first Wonderfeel Festival Orchestra performance in 2016 – and together they form the perfect duo for this spectacular piece.

Liza Ferschtman, violin
Aidan Mikdad, piano

Kreutzer Sonata
Ludwig van Beethoven

Ferschtman & Mikdad – Kreutzer Sonata

Photo ©Marco Borggreve

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