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zo. 23 juli 2023 16:00 - 16:45, SOLO

Marieke & Ton Koopman

A theatrical for 4+

Once upon a time…there was a statue named Caecilia. Charmed by her beauty, people came from all over the place to admire her. But if you looked very closely, there was sadness in her eyes. Long ago, there was another statue stood right next to her: Bortus, and they were best friends. But one stormy night, Bortus fell off his pedestal and broke into 1000 pieces. And Caecilia was left on her own…until, one day, something special happened. A story about true friendship and the power and love in music. 

Marieke Koopman – concept and acting 
Jonas Furrur – acting 
Ton Koopman – organ 
Hans Thissen – direction 


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