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Quirine Viersen & Vincent van Amsterdam

Sat. 22 July 2023 20:00 - 20:45, Bosplek

Bach & Stravinsky 
Accordeon and cello : two completely different sound worlds. They challenge each other, complement each other, and can even melt together. And that’s exactly what Quirine Viersen and Vincent van Amsterdam do in their Wonderfeel programme, which connects two very distant style periods together. From the Baroque era they bring Bach’s third Viola da Gamba Sonata, in which the singing string sound blends beautifully in the organ-like quality of the accordeon. This is juxtaposed with the revolutionary ballets by Stravinsky from the early 20th Century, which were notorious for shaking Paris to the core. In their duo arrangements, Quirine and Vincent keep the music flexible and transparent, while achieving the sharp and extreme at the same time. 

Quirine Viersen – cello 
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordeon 

Quirine Viersen & Vincent van Amsterdam

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