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Toonzetters (Tone Setters)

zo. 17 juli 2022 13:00 - 14:00, De Bosplek

Toonzetters (Tone Setters), is a kaleidoscopic concert experience in which twenty young Dutch composers take you on a journey through their own stories. The show features all kinds of different styles and characters, from neo-romantic percussion to indie rock on the piano or jazzy electronics, all of which alternate in a high tempo: meet today’s music. You can count on an energetic performance by four young Dutch top musicians, combined with hypnotic visual material by Bowie Verschuuren...the tone is set!


Toonzetters is a project by Stichting Pelgrimsjaren, co-produced by Oranjewoud Festival and November Music. 


Agostinho Sequeira - percussion 
Arjan Jongsma - percussion
Ramon van Engelenhoven - piano 
Shane van Neerden - piano

Toonzetters (Tone Setters)

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