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Niek Baar & Ella van Poucke & Ben Kim

za. 22 juli 2023 12:00 - 12:45, Het Veld

Three Firsts: Auerbach, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich 
It was during a tour to the United States that Lera Auerbach decided to leave her Russian life behind. She started over in New York, exceptionally gifted and without speaking a word of English. Her first Piano Trio was written during this first stage, with influences ranging from Bach to Shostakovich. The first pianotrio of the latter, as well as the first pianotrio by Russian in New York Rachmaninov, will also be performed by Niek, Ella and Ben. You could call them youth works – ‘Rach’ was 18, ‘Shos’ was 16 and still a full-on romantic – but ones that have a surprising amount of focus and precision. 
Niek Baar – violin 
Ella van Poucke – cello 
Ben Kim – piano 

Niek Baar & Ella van Poucke & Ben Kim

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