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Black Pencil

vr. 21 juli 2023 15:00 - 15:45, Weiland

Come out, Caioni 
Worldly songs, Hungarian and Romanian folk dances and dances in the Western European style, instrumental music from the baroque era and religious music, including masterworks by Monteverdi and Lassus… somewhere far into Transsylvania, baroque music fan János Kájoni a.k.a. Caioni wrote it all down in a manuscript that was only rediscovered 35 years ago. With its colourful instrumentation which includes pan flute and accordeon, Black Pencil leafs through one of the most interesting music collections in Europe. Join the treasure hunt! 

Jorge Isaac – recorder  
Matthijs Koene – pan flute  
Esra Pehlivanli – viola  
Marko Kassl – accordeon  
Enric Monfort – percussion  

Black Pencil

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