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Nabou Claerhout & Lynn Cassiers

za. 22 juli 2023 13:00 - 13:45, SOLO

The artistic paths of Lynn Cassiers and Nabou Claerhout have crossed regularly throughout recent years, and we’re talking big stages. DeSingel in Antwerp, Leuven Jazz, Brussels Jazz Festival, BOZAR. And they have proven time and time again that one plus one really is three. At Wonderfeel, the two artists will explore and push the boundaries of the many genres they experiment with. Layers of jazz, electronica and ambient travel from the ethereal to the intense – and back – until a wide, colourful and stunning soundscape emerges. 

Nabou Claerhout – trombone 
Lynn Cassiers – voice, effects & keyboard 

Nabou Claerhout & Lynn Cassiers

Program of 2024

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