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Ikarai & KASSETT

za. 22 juli 2023 13:00 - 13:45, Weiland
za. 22 juli 2023 13:45 - 14:00, Weiland

Musical theatre

Exactly one century ago marks the death of the controversial philosopher Gerard Bolland, the founder of the fascist movement in The Netherlands. When the Second World War broke out, his last speech was even reprinted and redistributed. In 2033, the House of Representatives removed his bust – cancelled, if you will. As he should be. Or should he? Through a cinematic mix of jazz and classical music, WANKLANK explores the mind of this purposefully forgotten philosopher. Because we should try to relate to people we cannot understand. Right? Or should we not even want to understand someone like Gerard Bolland?  

Frank Siera – tekst and direction 
Camiel Jansen and Oukje den Hollander – composition 
Freek den Hartogh, Oukje den Hollander, Camiel Jansen, Tessel Hersbach, Yanna Pelser, Julian Schneemann / Jelle van der Meulen, Jeroen Batterink / Bram Knol – acting and music 
Gerko Tempelman – philosophical dramaturgy 
Lucas Kramer – scenography  
Wout Panis – light design 
Anouk van Schie – costumes 
Joppe Kos – production 
Manon Bek – general management 
Nuria Tabak – direction and production assistant

Ikarai & KASSETT

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