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The Kanneh-Masons

Sun. 17 July 2022 13:00 - 13:45, Het Veld

After his performance at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Sheku Kanneh-Mason was the talk of the month. But imagine: there are another six Kanneh-Masons who are equally musical and who grew up in the same family. The Kanneh-Masons are extremely popular in the UK, thanks to documentaries, TV performances and well-received albums. Of the seven brothers and sisters no less than five – the youngest only 12 years old – will be travelling all the way to Schaep en Burgh, where they’ll perform in all possible combinations.

Braimah Kanneh-Mason – violin
Aminata Kanneh-Mason – violin
Konya Kanneh-Mason – piano and violin
Mariatu Kanneh-Mason – cello
Jeneba Kanneh-Mason – piano
The Kanneh-Masons

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