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Jamal Aliyev

Sat. 22 July 2023 16:00 - 16:45, Bosplek

 Bach & Say   
It’s not without reason that the piano phenomenon Fazıl Say refers to Jamal Aliyev as ‘one of the best cellists of his generation’, since they have worked together so much that by now, we can safely speak of a close friendship. Specially for Aliyev and the CD they made together recently, Say rewrote his in memoriam – originally written for the legendary Turkish viola player Ruşen Güneş – for the cello, with echoes of Güneş’ passion for the 20th Century. Jamal completes the programme with a treasure of all times: Bach’s third Cello Suite; the most joyous and confident one of the monumental collection composed for – let’s be honest here! – the most beautiful instrument of the string family. 

Jamal Aliyev – cello 

Jamal Aliyev

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