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Evening of Paradise

Sun. 23 July 2023 19:00 - 19:45, Bosplek

Floris Kortie welcomes heavenly artists 
Natural disasters, war, crises – it’s about time to escape from this misery. Guided by the oboe sensation La Petite Écurie, we leave the darkness behind and turn to paradise. Experience this eldorado of joy, love, and fraternity, where there is dance, song and drink about life’s pleasure. With the help of a company of oboes and various guest artists, we create our own Garden of Eden at Wonderfeel. 
Floris Kortie, presentation 
La Petite Écurie 
Miriam Jorde Hompanera – oboe 
Valerie Colen – oboe 
Marc Bonastre Riu – taille de hautbois 
Giovanni Battista Graziado – bassoon 
Philipp Lamprecht – percussion 
Elisa de Toffel – mezzo soprano 
Celia García-García – celesta 
And others 

Evening of Paradise

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