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Femke Gyselinck & Romina Lischka

zo. 17 juli 2022 15:00 - 15:45, De Bosplek

Le Nymphe di Rheno, by the Amsterdam-born composer Johannes Schenck, is part of the canon for viola da gamba players. Schenck was one of the most popular viola da gamba players of his time – a period in which viola da gamba was a celebrated instrument thanks to composers such as Marin Marais. Schenck’s series of duo sonatas from 1702 is a melting pot of English, French, and Italian influences. Light-footed and dansant, the music dictates the choreography and the dancing gestures.


Femke Gyselinck - choreography & dance
Romina Lischka - viola da gamba 

Femke Gyselinck & Romina Lischka

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