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Jaap Scholten & Illya Tandur

Fri. 15 July 2022 16:00 - 16:45, De Schuur

Lecture: Artists in wartime

On day two of the war, writer Jaap Scholten went to the Ukrainian border to pick up a family from Kiev. Ever since, he has been keeping a diary about the war, provides shelter in Hungery to Ukrainian families, and is actively involved in supporting the Ukrainian battle. Violinist Illya Tandur, born in Kiev, is working day and night from Poland to get the most essential things to the Ukrainian civilians and army. In The Shed, Scholten will read from his Ukraine diary, Illya Tandur will play the violin and together, they tell us how they got caught up in this war. As Scholten says: ‘I couldn’t have imagined a few months ago: a violinist and a writer discussing which night vision goggles to buy.’ 

Jaap Scholten & Illya Tandur

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