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FOUR! Oorkaan

Sat. 16 July 2022 12:00 - 12:45, De Bosplek
Child activityKinderprogramma

What does ‘together’ sound like? When the four musicians of the Oorkaan Ensemble bundle their powers, they make something very special happen, something which only happens once every hundred and four years! Together they celebrate something special. They combine different cultures and musical traditions. They don’t say any more beyond the stories told by the music. Welcome to Four! A journey full of Turkish sounds, Mozart, and more. And it ends with a bang!

Michela Zanoni - harp  
Michele Mazzini - clarinet 
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe - bayan 
Veysel Dzhesur - percussion
Caecilia Thunnissen and Yorick Stam - directors
For ages 4 and up
FOUR! Oorkaan

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