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Eric Vloeimans & Tuur Florizoone

zo. 23 juli 2023 13:00 - 13:45, Bosplek

‘Do you want to play with me?’ asked Dutch jazz phenomenon Eric Vloeimans. And Tuur Florizoone did want to, gladly. Together, the trumpeter and the the accordeonist play each other’s compositions. Melancholy, simple melodies as a basis for a wide range of emotions and colours are Tuur’s strong suit: using a minimal amount of means to make the most music possible. The passion and emotions fly from his accordeon; a combination bound to lead to fireworks together with Eric Vloeimans. What happens exactly depends on the moment. But one thing is certain: this beautiful combination is going to show you all sides of music. 

Eric Vloeimans – trumpet 
Tuur Florizoone – accordeon 

Eric Vloeimans & Tuur Florizoone

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