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Salvador Breed & Helena Basilova

vr. 21 juli 2023 20:00 - 21:15, Schuur

Aelita: Queen of Mars
Sci-fi Classic with Live Music

Climb aboard your spce ship and meet Aelita: Queen of Mars. The revolutionary Russian mute sci-fi film by Yakov Protazanov from 1924 follows the adventures of a simple engineer, who is on Mars leading a rebel movement against the higher powers there, whilst being helped by queen Aelita who is hopelessly in love. The constructivist decor feels explicitly modern, and can be found, for example, in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. When the film was screened in Leningrad during its early years, nobody less than Dmitri Shostakovich himself played the piano throughout. At Wonderfeel, a new soundtrack will be brought by Salvador Breed and Helena Basilova.  

Salvador Breed – sound & video art  
Helena Basilova – piano 

Salvador Breed & Helena Basilova

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