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Artvark Saxophone Quartet 

vr. 21 juli 2023 18:00 - 18:45, Bosplek

Mother of Thousand 
The four saxophonists of Artvark made a virtue of necessity and found themselves studio-bound during the pandemic, to produce Mother of Thousand. There was more urgency to find that one truffle than ever before. Together, they developed new material, an exciting process through which they spent days on end together, experimented, and found new forms and sounds. New music inspired by the sound of Arvo Pärt and Aphex Twin. Extra special fact: Artvark performs on original instruments by Adolphe Sax from the 1960s and on extremely rare slide saxophones from the 1920s. 

Artvark Saxophone Quartet 
Rolf Delfos – alto saxophone 
Bart Wirtz – alto saxophone 
Mete Erker – tenor saxophone 
Peter Broekhuizen – baritone saxophone 

Artvark Saxophone Quartet 

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