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Ragazze Quartet – In The Secret Garden

Fri. 16 July 2021 11:15 - 12:15, Het Weiland

Formed by inspired players with the highest level of musicianship, the Ragazze Quartet never fails to create new and striking programmes. Programmes like In The Secret Garden, where nature resounds in music. The music is exclusively by Caroline Shaw, a violinist and singer as well as today’s foremost American composition talent. Her work makes trees move and seas come to life. She composed her string quartet The Evergreen specially for the Ragazze Quartet, a work which she herself describes as ‘my climate piece’.

Ragazze Quartet
Rosa Arnold, violin
Jeanita Vriens-van Tongeren, violin
Annemijn Bergkotte, viola
Rebecca Wise, cello

In The Secret Garden
Caroline Shaw: The Evergreen, Plan & Elevation, Limestone & Felt

Ragazze Quartet – In The Secret Garden

Photo ©Nichon Glerum

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