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Olivia Vermeulen & Jan Philip Schulze

za. 22 juli 2023 14:00 - 14:45, Het Veld

Dirty Minds 
Lust, sex, power and violence, prostitution and murder, and everything in between: these themes don’t lose any of their actuality and complexity when set to music. Explicit eroticism with Weil land Bolcom, and barely conceiled when subtlety was required, for example with Purcell, Mozart, or Schubert. Star mezzo Olivia Vermeulen brings a tintillating program together with Jan Philip Schulze, one that doesn’t mince words; because what is great art without dirty minds? 

Olivia Vermeulen – mezzo soprano 
Jan Philip Schulze – piano 

Olivia Vermeulen & Jan Philip Schulze

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