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Peter Beets & New Jazz Orchestra

Sun. 17 July 2022 12:00 - 12:45, Het Weiland
First Class Tickets to France!
If you want to start off your Sunday with a swing – or raise the tempo a little after yoga flow with Canto Ostinato by the Dutch Saxophone Octet – make sure to be at The Meadow at noon. Swing à la française, to be specific: Under the baton of maestro Peter Beets the New Jazz Orchestra will take you on a little musical trip to France, where composers like Debussy, Poulenc, and Ravel first opened the door to American jazz in the beginning of the 20th Century. New Jazz Orchestra connects the classics with undisguised jazz, swing and improvisation.
Peter Beets - piano
Steve Zwanink - bass
Tim Hennekes - drums
Jasper van Damme, Mo van der Does – alto saxophone
Gideon Tazelaar, Floriaan Wempe – tenor saxophone
Jessie Breve – baritone saxophone
Maarten Combrink, Oliver Emmitt, Pablo Martinez - trombone
Bart van Gorp – bass trombone
Alvaro Jimenez, Ian Cleaver, Gidon Nunes Vaz, Suzan Veneman, Rodolfo Ferreira Neves - trumpet
Peter Beets & New Jazz Orchestra

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