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European Festivals Forest

Sat. 16 July 2022 17:00 - 17:45, De Schuur

Talk: A Festival Forest in Iceland

Festivals from all over Europe are calling for climate action by planting a forest: the Festivals Forest in Iceland. In collaboration with the Icelandic Forestry Service, 2500 trees will be planted per hectare – from soft birches to black cottonwood and Siberian larch – to reduce the carbon footprint of festivals and, eventually, to eliminate it altogether. Peter Florence is the initiator of the project and – together with Wonderfeel director Tamar Brüggemann – the driving force behind the European Festivals Forest. He will be speaking with Þröstur Eysteinsson, the director of the Icelandic Forestry Service. 

Þröstur Eysteinsson – director Icelandic Forestry Service
Peter Florence – initiator European Festivals Forest

Language: English

European Festivals Forest

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