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Morris Kliphuis & Joanna Duda

vr. 15 juli 2022 17:00 - 17:45, Het Weiland
Wake the Dead

Have you got a moment? Horn player Morris Kliphuis and Polish-Italian pianist Joanna Duda explore alternative ways to experience time and history in Wake The Dead. Driven by a shared fascination for baroque instruments, the two jazz musicians have been building their own sound world in which early instruments, improvisation and modern electronics meet. 

At Wonderfeel they are performing with Liam Byrne, an internationally acclaimed viola da gamba expert, who has the gift of making this special and melancholy instrument sing like no one else can. 

Together they create a hypnotic  soundscape from soft textures, restless ostinatos and bits of melody here and there. Immerse yourself in a parallel universe in which the present and the past melt together.


Morris Kliphuis – horn
Joanna Duda – piano 
Morris Kliphuis & Joanna Duda

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