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La Petite Écurie

Sat. 22 July 2023 16:00 - 16:45, Het Veld

The Queen’s Favourite  
Boybands? No thanks, we’ll take an oboe band! Around 1700, lords and ladies all over Europe would line up for virtuoso wind players; outside in the fresh air, at a nice party, or for gripping effects at the theatre. The young musicians of La Petite Écurie – three oboes, one bassoon, and percussion – turned this often joyous (sometimes sentimental) repertoire into their life’s work and they present music of the court of Queen Anne, the last monarch of the House of Stuart in the United Kingdom. And there will be some Purcell, too! 

Miriam Jorde Hompanera – oboe 
Valerie Colen – oboe 
Marc Bonastre Riu – taille de hautbois 
Giovanni Battista Graziado – bassoon 
Philipp Lamprecht – percussion 

La Petite Écurie

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