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Katharine Dain & Sam Armstrong

Sun. 17 July 2022 15:00 - 15:45, Het Veld

We want more…Lili Boulanger! After the Milstein performance this morning, the youngest Boulanger sister returns to The Field. The Parisian prodigy died aged 24, but it’s hard to imagine that her talent was nipped in the bud when listening to her song cycle Clairières dans le ciel. ‘This is one of the most captivating love stories I’ve ever performed,’ writes soprano Katharine Dain. ‘It’s a kind of Winterreise, except French.’ And with a testimonial from someone like Katharine, Schubert should get ready for some serious competition.


Katharine Dain – soprano
Sam Armstrong – piano
Katharine Dain & Sam Armstrong

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