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Hannes Minnaar

Sun. 23 July 2023 15:00 - 15:45, Bosplek

Long Live Simeon Ten Holt 
Of course you know Canto Ostinato, but Simeon ten Holt – who was born 100 years ago – wrote much, much more than that. Hannes Minnaar brings his homage through two Solo Devil’s Dances, which, according to the composer, are demonic rather than devilish. ‘Every human being is led by an angel and a demon, and between those two there is a peculiar, precious dynamic.’ Embracing these two in his company, Minnaar presents a hypnotising concert. Ten Holt, sound sculptor of repetition, leaves his performers in almost complete freedom, so that they can truly have their own unique signature. Join us in tracking through a forest of motifs. 

Hannes Minnaar – piano 

Hannes Minnaar

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