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Goska Isphording

Sun. 17 July 2022 12:30 - 13:15, SOLO


Contemporary music on an authentic instrument; is Goska Isphording the living proof of the emancipation of the harpsichord, finally? In any case she shows us what the baroque instrument, in this 21st Century, can also do – with a quartet of four living composers in her programme. From the funebre sounds of Graciane Finzi, including tape, to the vocal beauty of Pēteris Vasks, across Icelandic landscapes in a composition that Anna Thorvaldsdottir wrote for Isphording, all the way to a new minimalist work by Janco Verduin – it’s time to hear harpsichord 2.0.

Goska Isphording - harpsichord


Goska Isphording

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