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Fuse & Nathalie Joachim

Sun. 17 July 2022 17:00 - 17:45, Het Veld

Microcosm Construction & Concert

The Glass Box is back, and the sextet of Fuse is setting up camp there. They’ll be working on their new project Microcosm, in which they’re building their own audiovisual world. They won’t be doing this safely behind the scenes, but in full sight; you can see and hear them (with headphones)! The Brooklyn, New York-born composer Nathalie Joachim is there as guest composer. She has come to The Netherlands for the first time to work with Fuse on her new music, and on Sunday they will share the stage with music from Nathalie’s debut album Fanm d’Ayiti, for which she received a Grammy nomination.


Nathalie Joachim – composition and flute

Julia Philippens – violin
Emma van der Schalie – violin
Adriaan Breunis – viola 
Mascha van Nieuwkerk – cello
Tobias Nijboer – bass
Daniel van Dalen – drums

Fuse & Nathalie Joachim

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