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Evening of Death

vr. 15 juli 2022 20:00 - 20:45, De Bosplek

There are two givens in life: tax and death. It’s that second item in particular which has given us vast amounts of beautiful music. And that’s why Club Classique together with Floris Kortie will present a cheerful exploration of the Great Inevitable. In a show featuring various guest soloists, experience experts, and lively music, we will look Death in the eye and confront out deepest fears. Who wants to live forever?

Club Classique
Lestari Scholtes - piano
Eduardo Paredes Crespo - violin
Myrthe Helder - violin
Anna den Herder - viola
Leonard Besseling - cello
Jeanette van Schaik - soprano
Michael Wilmering - baritone
Hans van Walbeek – near-death experience expert
Floris Kortie - presentation



Evening of Death

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