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Denys Karachevtsev

za. 16 juli 2022 15:00 - 15:45, De Schuur

The Voice of Cello Solo

The images recently went viral: a cellist playing a Bach solo suite surrounded by the post-bomb debris of buildings in Kharkiv. That cellist is Denys Karachevtsev, and he is still doing everything in his power to make people aware of this destruction. The Voice of Cello Solo is an audiovisual programme in which music by Bach, Gaspar Cassado, the Ukrainian composer Zoltan Almashio, and Giovanni Sollima form a soundtrack for the events at the beginning of the war, where Kharkiv transformed from a cultural metropolis into a front line city – but in which music, the voice of hope, doesn’t stop.

Denys Karachevtsev - cello

Denys Karachevtsev

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