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Chianti Ensemble – Fauré & Schumann

Sat. 17 July 2021 17:30 - 18:30, Het Veld

The elderly Fauré was bombarded with praise in 1921. His Second Piano Quintet was “of unprecedented sophistication”. But as long as it took for Fauré to complete this quintet – two years – only the faster did the 32-year-old Schumann do it in 1842. It took him only two months to complete his lively, masterful dialogue between piano and strings. Two extremes brought together by the five top talents of the sparkling Chianti Ensemble.

Chianti Ensemble
Shin Sihan, violin
Yamen Saadi, violin
Takehiro Konoe, viola
Alexander Warenberg, cello
Nathalia Milstein, piano

Fauré: Pianoquintet nr. 2
Schumann: Pianoquintet

Chianti Ensemble – Fauré & Schumann

Photo ©Foppe Schut

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