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Motley Night – Club Classique

Sun. 18 July 2021 22:30 - 23:30, Het Veld

As is tradition, on the last night of Wonderfeel we go crazy at our very own Motley Night. In a cheerful and celebratory setting, Floris Kortie will present a wild collection of musical rarities. This year includes, among others, Geert Chartrou, de world champion of artistic whistling, classical cat sounds and other virtuosic highlights – and everything will be passionately led by Club Classique!

Presentation: Floris Kortie

Club Classique
Piano: Lestari Scholtes, piano
Myrthe Helder, violin
NTB, violin
Anna Magdalena den Herder, viola
Leonard Besseling, cello

With guest performances by
Soloists from the National Boys Choir
Geert Chatrou, artistic whistler

Motley Night – Club Classique

Photo ©Ronald Knapp

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