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Akim Moiseenkov – The Falsify Cycle

Fri. 16 July 2021 13:45 - 14:45, Het Weiland

What is truth? How do you discover it? And once you have discovered it, do you still want it? These are questions which Akim Moiseenkov – winner of the Keep an Eye Production Prize 2020 – not only asks, but questions that are relevant to him personally: is he a composer, an inventor of strange musical instruments, a singer or a performer? Or that fool who played Beethoven’s string music on a synthesizer? Maybe he wants to play with musical rituals, or just sing about love. Nothing is certain. We will have to falsify, verify and consolidate.

The Falsify Cycle
Moiseenkov, Beethoven

Akim Moiseenkov, keyboards, voice and electronics

Akim Moiseenkov – The Falsify Cycle

Foto ©Mark Timmer

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