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Vision & Mission


Wonderfeel’s vision is based on what we see in the sector:

  • Due to the outward movement (outside the concert halls) in combination with the festivization of the music offering, the concept of “experience” acquires a new dimension and (classical) music becomes more easily accessible to a broader target group.
  • We live in a time where (all) music is accessible (digitally) 24/7. This, in combination with the general growing feeling of not wanting to miss anything (Fear Of Missing Out), increases the value of the experience of a live performance.
  • The desire for quality, for authenticity, for a more conscious life together translates well to a festival for (classical) music in nature.
  • Sustainability is taken for granted and propagated by an increasingly large group. Against this background, the collaboration with Natuurmonumenten and the placement of the festival in the middle of nature is an important signal and motivation to operate as sustainably as possible.

These alerts have led to three principles for the Wonderfeel festival:

  • Giving the experience of classical performing arts a new impetus through a different context;
  • Show the flexibility of live classical music in an outdoor festival concept.
  • Building a presentation of classical music that is as sustainable as possible, both in a narrow sense (in terms of impact on nature) and in a broad sense (to keep a broader target group interested in classical music). The power of culture, craft and nature are connected at Wonderfeel.

In short, Wonderfeel is a current quest for the dynamics and vitality of (classical) music and art forms that are an extension of it. The festival concept offers space for encounters and discoveries, against the background of casual greenery. We are convinced that placing classical music in a natural context intensifies the experience. With the addition of the decoration of the grounds, the rolling kitchens and the peripheral programming, Wonderfeel represents an unusual experience of music in all its manifestations. Our marketing operation, following the example of pop festivals, is geared to this with day tickets (instead of individual ticket sales), a full festival schedule with parallel programming and a campsite within walking distance of the festival site.


Wonderfeel is thé annual festival for a penetrating experience with classical music and art forms that are an extension of it. Where top-level musicians like to come and play for a wide audience – from newcomers (young and old) to seasoned music lovers – in a natural, accessible context. Wonderfeel is a meeting place where openness, trust and curiosity predominate. In everything we do, “give and take” are in a lasting relationship.

The festival has the ambition to explore and push boundaries, with the aim of inspiring and connecting. Whatever side paths are followed, there will always be a recognizable relationship with classical music.