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ANBI status Wonderfeel Foundation

As of January 1st, 2017, the Wonderfeel Foundation has been a cultural PBO, which, as Friend of Wonderfeel, you can benefit from. The government incentivizes donations to cultural institutions with tax benefits: 100% of the value of your gift counts towards your tax deductions. Calculate your savings here.

Below, you will find information about the inner workings of the Wonderfeel Foundation.

RSIN Stichting Wonderfeel

IBAN: NL03 ABNA0526445793

Postbus 59
1400 AB Bussum
t: 06 5383 4029 (available Monday through Friday)


  • Georges Mutsaerts
  • Tamar Brüggemann

Additional functions:

  • Georges Mutsaerts:
    Board member Stichting Internationaal Kamermuziekfestival Schiermonnikoog; Board member Stichting What About Know
  • Tamar Brüggemann:
    Board member Stichting What About Know; Board member Stichting Rosa Ensemble; Board member Stichting Sterrenstaar; Advisor Fonds Podiumkunsten; Advisor Brede Adviesgroep Cultuur Klimaat (BACK) of Amersfoort; Advisor Rotterdam Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur; EFFE-jury member of the European Festivals Association; Programmer Parklife of the Festival of Vlaanderen Gent

Board of supervisors

  • Mei Li Vos – president
  • Richard Aznar Webster – treasurer
  • Bernd Damme – secretary

Additional functions:

  • Mei Li Vos:
    Advisor Orangegas; Board member Auteursbond; Vice president AVV
  • Richard Aznar Webster:
  • Bernd Damme:
    Founder / DGA Laborare Omnia Vincit B.V.; Strategy consultant Zoom.Industries; Advisor / stockholder ZYNC Laadpalen; Advisor / stockholder Woov; Advisor / stockholder Flex – Appeal; Board of advice Holland Baroque


Click here to read the full statutes.

Annual figures

Click here for the balance sheet and operating account for 2019.


Click here for the policy of 2021.


See below for an overview of possible activities.

Wonderfeel 2020

Wonderfeel 2019

Wonderfeel 2018

Wonderfeel 2017

Wonderfeel 2016

Wonderfeel 2015