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Wonderfeel @ Tergooi


Wonderfeel@Tergooi was initiated to give the patients of hospital Tergooi (in Hilversum) an extra moment of joy. At the behest of Wonderfeel, Ella van Poucke (cello) and Caspar Vos (piano) gave a live performance from the Music Center of the Broadcaster of Classical Music. They played pieces requested by patients of Tergooi. Georges Mutsaerts, director of Wonderfeel, and Wencke Fassbender of Tergooi presented this unique collaboration.

The two patients, an oncology patient and a dialysis patient, made a selection from a playlist drafted by the musicians. Van Poucke and Vos played the pieces while the patients were undergoing their treatments. With an iPad, they could follow the concert from a distance.

‘Wonderfeel is more than just the festival days in the summer. We see it as our mission to reach out to people who are deprived of classical music for whatever reason, throughout the year. We are humbled that we were able to touch these patients and perhaps provide some relief for their situation,’ said Georges Mutsaerts, director of Wonderfeel.

You can watch the livestream -- including the patients’ reactions -- here!