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Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet – West Side Story

Fri. 16 July 2021 12:30 - 13:30, Het Veld

There is no classical musician as colourful as Leonard Bernstein. He sculpted his gorgeous Gesamtkunstwerke from a potpourri of different styles. And without a doubt, his greatest hit is the musical West Side Story. The Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet (they already brought an Ode to Mokum here in 2019) created its own swinging version of this Romeo and Juliet set in the slums of New York. The whole is completed through collaboration with violinist Nadia Wijzenbeek and poet Robert Grijsen.

West Side Story
Leonard Bernstein’s masterpiece rearranged

Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet
Sergio Hamerslag, clarinet
Bart de Kater, clarinet
Tom Wolfs, clarinet
Jesse Faber, clarinet

Nadia Wijzenbeek, violin
Robert Grijsen, poet

Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet – West Side Story

Photo ©Feiko Koster

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