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vr. 15 juli 2022 15:00 - 15:45, Het Weiland


Jiraan is the Arabic word for ‘neighbour’ – which the members of Syrian violinist Shalan Alhamwy’s ensemble are, both geographically and musically. This afternoon they explore the roots of the syrtos, a folk dance which is native to Turkish, Greek and Arabic musical traditions, and which is not that far from Balkan music. Dialogue and connection form the core of the syrtos, which is danced in a circle holding hands. Hey, Wonderfeel neighbour... 


Shalan Alhamwy - violin & artistic direction
Mohamad Aldouri - violin
Ibrahim Kahila - viola
Damla Aydin - cello
Katrien Bos - bass
Omar Znkawan - saxophone & clarinet
Galina Velikova - voice
Lucie Lelaurain - duduk & ney
Ruven Ruppik - percussion
Jonas Malfliet - keyboard

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