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Eva van Manen

Sat. 16 July 2022 20:00 - 20:45, De Bosplek

The tension field between different disciplines and worlds – from rap and hip hop to jazz, electronic music and guitar pop – is what artist and producer Eva van Manen loves exploring most. In a fluid and extremely personal way, she investigates different connections, for example between politics and love. She writes the following about her new poetic album De Diepte In (“Into the Depths”): ‘The music is inspired by the high waves of the ocean – our environment, our planet – that tell us nature is much bigger than we will ever be as humans. To realise that is a liberating experience.’

Eva van Manen - vocals, guitar and piano
Lito Mabjaia – bass guitar 
Yordi Petit - drums 
Rory Ronde - guitar 


Eva van Manen

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