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Havelok – Glass on Wood

Sat. 17 July 2021 22:30 - 23:30, Het Veld

Ever seen percussionists playing their instruments with a bow? This is your chance, because percussion quartet Havelok will guarantee an unusual concert experience. As dedicated as they are virtuosic, they polish their instruments in this programme with music by Philip Glass. In Mad Rush and Glassworks they leave the piano far behind them. We peacefully float into the night to the sounds of marimba, vibraphone and Balinese gongs.

Emilio Saura Jiménez, percussie
Niels Verbeek, percussie
Antonio Gutiérrez Rubio, percussie
Niek KleinJan, percussie

Glass on Wood
Philip Glass: Mad Rush, Glassworks

Havelok – Glass on Wood

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