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Dineke Nauta – The Passing of Time

Sun. 18 July 2021 14:00 - 14:45, De Bosplek

Collaborating with Windows of Opportunity, Dineke Nauta developed a corona-proof solo performance for saxophone and audio. Some highlights were the new work Workin’ for alto sax and tape with bits of Miles Davis, composed for her by Frans Vermeerssen, and Graham Fitkin’s pulsating Passing. Today Nauta is adding a new work by John Kameel Farah and her version of Calliope Tsoupaki’s Thin Air, placed in perspective through her own improvisations about time passing.

The Passing of Time
Vermeerssen, Fitkin, Tsoupaki, Nauta, Farah (premiere)

Dineke Nauta, saxophone

Dineke Nauta – The Passing of Time

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