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The Evening of Tears – Club Classique

Fri. 16 July 2021 20:00 - 21:00, Het Veld

Tonight we embrace our sorrow. Because the past year has seen much of it. So at Wonderfeel 2021, we’ll dive into the most beautiful classical tear-jerkers and treuerlieder, and we’ll do it with conviction. Led by Club Classique, a selection of guest artists will perform in this Evening of Tears. So that after the catharsis, we’ll be able to carry on with our heads up and our backs straight.

Floris Kortie

Club Classique
Lestari Scholtes, piano
Myrthe Helder, violin
NTB, violin
Anna Magdalena den Herder, viola
Leonard Besseling, cello

With guest performances by, among others
National Boys Choir conducted by Irene Verburg

The Evening of Tears – Club Classique

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