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BOI AKIH – Storyteller

Sat. 17 July 2021 18:45 - 19:45, Het Weiland

BOI AKIH has already made a many as eight CDs, on which the musical heritage of the Indonesian archipelago and European impro-jazz melted into a new musical idiom. The core members of the ensemble, Monica Akihary (Dutch with Moluccan roots) and guitarist and composer Niels Brouwer have worked together with many Dutch jazz musicians. But Storyteller, their latest album, features the 35-string kora and various recorders to explore an entirely new eclectic musical picture.

Monica Akihary, zang, bass kalimba
Niels Brouwer, acoustic seven-nylon string guitar, harp guitar
Sekou Dioubate, 35-string kora
Dodó Kis, soprano, alto, tenor and Paetzold bass recorder


BOI AKIH – Storyteller

Photo ©Maarten Mooijman

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