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Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra

Sun. 18 July 2021 11:15 - 12:15, Het Weiland

The rich Arabo-Andalusian repertoire, the mystical Eastern music, the refined Arabic improvisation music and the folk music from Maghreb: that is the wide territory of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra. At Wonderfeel they will show a tribute to the world famous singers Fairouz and Oum Khaltoum. The Soloist is Baidar al Basri, who studied opera in Damascus as well as The Hague. The difference? ‘Western opera music is sung from the head, Arabic music is sung from the heart.’

Ode to Arabisc diva’s
Songs from Oum Kalthoum, Asmahaan, Warda al-Jazairia en Fairuz  
Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra
Abderrahim Semlali, musical direction, violin and arrangements
Jafaar Lougmani, violin
Mohamed Al Mokhlis, violin
Yassir Bousselam, cello
Haytham Safia, ud
Ahmed El Maai, quanun
Marianne Noordink, nay
Daniel van Huffelen, double bass
Ruven Ruppik, riq
Ahmed Khaili, Darbuka
Xavi Torres, piano

Baidar al Basri, voice

Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra

Photo ©Meesterwerk

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